Thursday, 17 November 2011

Increase Height Naturally - What Things to Do to Increase Height Naturally

Physical appearance has long been one of the determinants of how other people may act upon us. When we see deeply into our societies, there is a tendency that men or women with good posture and tall enough receive more respect, compared to those who are short.
Being tall is among the dreams of people trapped in their short posture. Even more, the human body stops growing after the age of 21, which seemingly gives the short men and women no chance to increase height naturally . However, there are safe and natural ways to help your body grow maximally at your expected height.

The solutions of your height problem depicted in the following activities:

1. Body Inversion

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The essence of this activity is to allow gravity stretch your knee and spine while your body is hanging upside down. With body inversion, minor back alignment problems of yours can be straighten out. This help your bosy stand straighter and grow taller. 

2. Stretching

Stretching is another thing to try when you want your body to gain inches. As a way to increase height naturally, stretching exercises will work your upper body core and spine. You can try many stretches typically used in Yoga and Pilates. They are perfect for lengthening and straightening your spine. You can improve your spine’s flexibility by arching and stretching your back.

3. Good Nutrition and Right Sleep
If you are really interested in growing taller, you need to consume healthy daily diets and take the right sleep. Eating a lot of proteins, calcium, vitamins and carbohydrates can help your bones grow fast. You need to be sound asleep at least 8 hours every day. Sleeping at the right amount and time is a must because it will increase height naturally. 

4. Exercise

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There are several exercises you must regularly do to add some inches to your overall height. Swimming is one of the beneficial exercises to stretch and lengthen your spine and knees. You need to know that your arms and legs have opposite directions when extended, thus a simple breast stroke is important to be done to stretch your body. Additionally, pull-ups and chin-ups are also simple exercises to strengthen your shoulders and back making your body grow taller. 

In sum, growing taller is among the dreams of people with short posture. There are simply ways to help you increase height naturally without any side effects that may be harmful for your body. Just simply doing some stretches, exercises, body inversion and consume healthy organic foods containing calcium and protein, if you want to grow taller more quickly.

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