Monday, 14 November 2011

Grow Taller Exercises

The ability to blend in with society requires good physical appearance, meaning a good posture, not too short but not too tall. It is our physical appearance which gives the first impression when we meet new people. So, height is one of determinants whether the society will respect you or in turn, underestimate you.

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Regarding the importance of our posture or height, growth problems may come to everybody, unfortunately, including you. If you belong to people that worry about their short postures, you may seek for the way to get taller fast. Indeed, you can entrust grow taller exercises to help your body gain some additional inches, vertically. 

So, the solutions of your growth problems are represented in the following three exercises to increase your height slowly, but naturally. 

• Handstands

You can use a wall to make it safe when trying to perform handstands. So, what you do first is to stand in front of the wall, with your hands flat and placed away from the wall. After that, set your hands distance apart while stepping your both feet on the wall. Stay on this position for a few seconds, and repeat it a few times. Control your breath while lowering your feet. 

• Yoga Poses 
There is a popular pose in Yoga, the Adho Mukha Svanasana, or the so-called downward-facing dog pose. This is one of beneficial grow taller exercises where the body creates a pyramid-like shape with your back and bottom facing the ceiling. Do it by kneeling first, place your hands and knees on the floor. After that, spread your legs while holding your body up by your hands and feet. Stay in this position for 15 seconds. 

• Body Inversion Beds 

The essence of this activity is to allow gravity stretch your knee and spine while your body is hanging upside down. You can utilize an inversion bed and begin with your feet secured in beds and then lift your hands while trying to turn upside down until your head is positioned under your heart. Stay on this position for a few seconds and do it repeatedly for a few minutes. Body inversion, minor back alignment problems of yours can be straighten out. Thi is one of the powerful grow taller exercises by making your body stand straighter. 
In sum, to increase height through exercise, think of joining yoga class or doing it at home with the help of instructors. A number people reported that they gained a few inches in height after practicing yoga carefully for more than a year. Meanwhile, you can help your body to grow taller by simply hanging upside down or performing body inversion bed. Such activities can lengthen and straighten your spine, thus will make you stand straighter and look taller. So, do not think twice to try to do the grow taller exercises if you want to receive more respect from society.

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