Thursday, 26 January 2012

Growing Taller Secrets - Sexy Tips

Have you notices that tall men always get more respect than short ones? I have always wondered why that happens; it's probably an issue of personality, and it surely has something to do with the lack of self esteem in short people.

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When you are a child, you don't care if there are any growing taller secrets and even if there were you wouldn't have the will to try and correct any genetic factors at that time. Most men are interested in growing taller secrets after they have passed teenage years, when basically growth has already stopped.

Essentially, growing taller secrets had 2 initial elements.

1) Targeted Exercises

Laura learned some very specific, targeted exercises for the muscles of the upper back and shoulders. Her posture was so poor that it made her appear much shorter and older. She performed the muscle strengthening exercises daily, and so remarkable improvement in her carriage and height!

2) Stretching Exercises

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A variety of proper stretching exercises is a key part of growing taller secrets. Laura also took up Yoga as well. Stretching helped to separate the disks of her spine which had become compressed over time. Hanging from a horizontal bar had a similar effect of spinal decompression. As the space between the disks increases, the spine increases in length, and the body is free to attain it's full height. Another form of exercise which is excellent for lengthening the spine is swimming. While swimming, the body is in a zero gravity environment, which alleviates pressure on the spinal disks.

The way to permanently grow taller is by proper dieting and exercise. Sounds too simple to be true? It isn't. Consider this: When you age, you stop growing because your body stops producing growth hormone. In fact you start to get shorter, as your bones compress. However, if you eat certain foods, rich in amino-acids and certain vitamins, your body will start producing growth hormone again -- which will make you grow taller. For this to have a significant effect, it needs to be combined with proper exercises. Do that and you're well on your way to being 5 inches taller in the next few weeks!

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