Sunday, 11 December 2011

Exercises to Increase Height - Is it Possible Exercise to Increase Height?

Perhaps we have long heard the claim that we generally stop getting taller a few years after puberty. For females the body stop grows taller around 16 years old, but for males it can be up to 25 years. After this specific ages, the plates in the bone may be impossible to grow.  However, those numbers may vary depending on each individual’s health and environment.

Despite the fact that puberty is the final moment to grow taller, sometimes people still feel enthusiastic to undergone surgery or perform exercises to increase height for various reasons. It can be caused by the lack of appreciation that short-posture people get from society, or because being short keeps the promised job and targeted opposite sex away. 

Here are some exercises which are natural to do for gaining inches:

1.    Free Hand and Stretching Exercises

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The first exercise you can do is the forward bend. In this stretching move, you need to stand up, lock your knees and feet together. After that, bend down your body slowly until you can hold your ankles. Stay in this position for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times in order to stretch out your lower back. After that, you can try the spot jump as one of the exercises to increase height. First, stand onto your toes and keep your hands straight up above your head, then jump high but still on your toes.

Finally, the final exercises are Chinups and pullups. Chinups and pullups help decompress your spine and stretch your muscles. To perform chinups, utilize an overhead bar to hang from. Doing this with your knuckles do not face you. Try to pull yourself upward for your chin is touching the bar. As for the Pullups, it is the same with Chinups but your knuckles are facing you. Do the exercises slowly and repeatedly.

2.    Yoga

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All medical professionals and experts will recommend Yoga as one of healthy exercises to increase height. What is important for you to know is that you must focus on your breath, instead of your pose. Breathe carefully and slowly during all yoga poses. Yoga provides you various poses and stretches to strengthen your muscles, straighten and lengthen your spine. Sukhasana is one of the beneficial yoga exercises. Other pose is called the trikonasana which may help increase height by working your back and legs. The last pose is the dog and cat pose which help lengthen your spine.

It seems that people still want to grow taller eventhough they have passed puberty period. With concern to our health, getting taller naturally is more recommended than the intake of artificial height-increasing supplements or having a surgery. Yoga and some stretching and free hand are exercises to increase height naturally. 

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