Monday, 12 December 2011

The Answer of Your ‘How to Grow Taller After Puberty’ Question

Are you hoping not to stop from growing taller even after passing your puberty? Most teenagers do hope that, knowing that they will likely to stop growing after age 16.  According to some medical reviews, most teenagers have reached their adult height when they reach 18. However, some boys or girls who come to their puberty later than the normal teenagers will continue growing taller even after they reach 18.

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The good news come from some latest researches, telling that there are ways to reach the aim of people in short posture concerning how to grow taller after puberty. Most of us definitely want to get taller, and regardless our age, many things can be done to increase height after puberty. Hence, this article presents some ways to increase height in such a way that it is not related to the genetic structure of the body or the growth plate.

There are simply ways to reach your aim on increasing height after puberty:

•    You can add some inches to your height regardless your age by simply drinking enough water. Just drinking water? Yes, but in a right way. What you need to do is to drink six up to eight cups of pure water in order to fulfill the need of water placed in the fluid sacks inside your spine's discs. The spine discs may shrink when dehydrated, so drinking water is a must. Meanwhile, drinking soda or beer will not help to reach your expectation on how to grow taller after puberty. Make your body accustomed to receiving the appropriate amount of water.

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•    Floating and playing around in the swimming pool will amazingly contribute to your height. How come? While you are enjoying the pool, the water helps to decompress your spine by the ability of defying gravitational pull towards your body. If you want to grow taller, just enjoy being in the pool before or after swimming. 

•    Swimming is amazingly the answer of your ‘how to grow taller after puberty’ question. Performing the breast stroke will lengthen your spine as your body will make specific movements while doing such action. Swimming regularly can help you become taller .

•    Sleep on your back will help you reach your aim to be a tall person. By sleeping on your back, you are letting your spine’s discs to soak up the extra water you have drunk. Such action will help increase your height.

To sum up, there are simply but powerful ways concerning how to grow taller after puberty. By consuming enough water, swimming and sleeping on your back, you are reaching your aim in giving additional inches to your overall height.

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